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Work vs Study

Hometown visit

Immediately, after my PhD study has been done, I went back to visit my parents in up-country. Going back to my home-town this time has been different from before since I'm not a student anymore, but rather I'm a real adult person now. The main purpose of going back to my village this time was to to thanks for the support and encouragement from my family. I was in tears when I met mom and dad :(, however the tear was not about negative sides, but rather positive :). I was like celebrity in the town, heheheh.

The moment of happiness

The stressful moment has now gone :). I'm very released and pleased to finish my PhD study. My dissertation defense went just fine, in fact it was very impressive :). Right now it's in the process of dealing with document things with the faculty of graduate study. Hopefully everything will be done within a week, so that I will have a chance to go back to visit my parents in upcountry. It's been such a long time that I have not seen my parents, and they have also been waiting for me to get the PhD done and look after them.

When the dream nearly comes true

Writing a PhD dessertation

Almost a week has gone since I wrote the last post. As usual I've always been thinking about the study, but in the positive ways! My PhD dessertation has just been done yesterday. I'm very pleased (and released to be honest!) that I've finished the writing. I've sent it out to some of the examiners already, except the external examiner, but the next step is the thesis defence. Some thoughts came up in my mind oneday and I thought I'd like to share with you guys here. Let's go ;)

The story of a PhD candidate: Episode II

The story of a Ph.D. Candidate: Episode I

An impressive quotation! :)

Physics Education?

At a superficial level, one may think that the word 'Physics Education' is just about teaching and learning phyics in general, which mean that the way we normally do. But, it's not! So what actually it is? Well, personally, I don't think physics teachers really understand the meaning unless they actually do research in this field. I won't tell you directly what actually I mean. I just like you to start looking at articles or whatever sources related to physics education. You should be able to come to the answer by yourself. Good luck, guys ;)

Brisbane trip for the ASERA 2008 conf

On 2nd July I went to Brisbane, Queensland for the ASERA 2008 conference. It was very good experience.
I left Sydney by plane on Wednesday morning, traveling alone. It took about 1.30 hour from Sydney to Brisbane. I stayed at the YHA Brisbane (backpacker) for 3 nights. The conference venue was not too far from my accommodation. In fact I could walk there in 15 minutes.