About PENThai


Welcome physics teachers/lecturers and those who are interested in the
science of physics teaching. PENThai was founded in 2001 as a physics education research
group at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol
University. The objectives of PENthai group are

  • to offer graduate students physics teaching and learning and physics education research;
  • to generate research on physics education or science education in which physics is involved;
  • to provide physics teachers/lecturers with alternative instruction methods, curricula and assessment methodologies that are suitable for teaching physics as well as to enhance their understanding in the subject;
  • to promote teaching process and activities that are based on active learning to physics teachers, lecturers and students at all levels; and
  • to organize or participate in workshops, meetings or conferences where ideas can be exchanged between physics educators.

Please see our brochure for more detail. (in Thai language)