16 December 2008: PENThai Meeting

A message from Apisit (man):

Hi everyone,
As I promised you all that I will be assigning you some work, I’m going to assign you now.

What I would like you all to do is that:
I’d like each of you to read one research paper that you are interested in. The paper can be from Physics teacher, Physics education or any other science education journal, but it should not be just about an experiment or an instrument − it should have some parts which are related to science education.
Once you’ve read the paper, you need to summary what you have learnt from the paper. You will need to present it to us at the meeting next time. What you will be presenting should cover the following topics:
- Journal of the paper
- Title
- Purpose/objective
- Methodology
- Data collection
- Data analysis
- Results/discussion
- Conclusion
More importantly, you need to comment the paper you have read -  say about the disadvantages or issues or what you can do in order to make it better.
In the next meeting, I will be presenting on tips/techniques for writing a research paper first. Then you all need to present your assignment. It shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes to finish your presentation.
Have a nice time