A message for inviting people to participate in the meeting 

You are invited to participate in an informal seminar in Physics Education. The seminar will be held at room 603, Physics Bldg, Fac. of Sci., Mahidol Uni.
Below is the program for Tuesday (17th March 2009) meeting with Prof. Richard Lindgren.
N'Kwang and P'Noy are expected to pick Prof up at the hotel ;-).
9.00-10.00: Prof's talk, followed by questions from participants (Refreshment is provided after his talk)
10.00-10.10: PENThai's presentation, This will be a short presentation regarding PENThai info (By Man).
10.10-10.45: All PENThai members introduce yourself for 5 minutes each
10.40-11.30: Discussion with Prof about the collaboration
Note: People who are interested in physics education are welcome
         Light lunch will be provided after the meeting.
See you on Tuesday
PS. Prof. Richard is professor in quantum physics and is one of the founders and the Director of our Master of Arts in Physics Education program at the
University of Virginia , USA. In the field of physics education, he has been interested in distance learning for high school physics teachers. More info about him can be found at this link http://galileo.phys.virginia.edu/outreach/ProfessionalDevelopment/mape/