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Seminar & Talk Documents

  • Science Teacher Training on Teaching science project in secondary school level. The documents were used at Benjamarachutit, Ratchaburi Province on 19-20 June 2009
    - Presentation:
    PPT (2.54 MB)
    - Worksheet Local Science:
    Doc (33 KB)
    - Lesson Plan Worksheet:
    PDF (45 KB)
    - Lesson Plan Example:
    PDF (66 KB)
  •  Tips & Techniques for writing a research paper in Science/Physics Education
    by Mr. Apisit Tongchai
    - the first episode: download pdf, 95.3 KB
    - the second episode:
    download pdf, 48.4KB

Conceptual Tests and Questionnaires

Following is the list of conceptual tests and quetionnaires. All documents are in Thai. Some of them were translated from English and some were created by the PENThai members. For those who would like to ask for documents please contact PENThai.


List of Conceptual Tests:

  1. CSEM (Conceptual Survey on Electricity and Magnetism)
    (developed by D. Maloney, A. V. Heuvelen, T. O'Kuma, and C. Hieggelke)
    (translated by Pattawan Narjaikaew)
  2. DIRECT (Determining and Interpreting Resistive Electric Curcuits Concepts Test)
    (developed by Paula V. Engelhardt and Robert J. Beichner)
    (translated by Supasilp Fuengfung)
  3. FMCE (Force and Motion Conceptual Evaluation)
    (developed by David Sokolof and Ron Thornton)
    (translated by Dr.Piyapong Sithikong and PENThai members)
  4. GCI (Geoscience Concept Inventory)
    (developed by Julie Libarkin, 73 items in total)
    (translated by Suttida Rakkapao, only 15 items selected)
  5. HTCE (Heat and Temperature Conceptual Evaluation)
    (developed by Ron Thornton and David Sokolof)
    (translated by Choksin Tanahoung)
  6. MWCS (Mechanical Wave Conceptual Survey)
    (developed by Apisit Thongchai)
  7. Colour Light and Colour Perception Evaluation
    (developed by Suchai Nopparatjamjomras)
  8. Conceptual Survey on Light (Reflection and Refraction)
    (developed by Kreetha Kaewkhong)
  9. Conceptual Survey on Momentum and Collision
      (translated by Nattakit Sawadthaisong)

List of Questionnaires:

  1. MPEX (Marryland Physics Expectations Survey)
    (developed by Marryland Physics Education Research Group)
    (translated by Chaiyapong Ruangsuwan and Umporn Watchana)
  2. Student Attitude towards Learning Physics Laboratory at first-year university level
    (developed by Jiradawan Huntula)
  3. Student Attitude towards Learning Physics at High-School Level
    (developed by Singha Prasitpong)