Hometown visit

Immediately, after my PhD study has been done, I went back to visit my parents in up-country. Going back to my home-town this time has been different from before since I'm not a student anymore, but rather I'm a real adult person now. The main purpose of going back to my village this time was to to thanks for the support and encouragement from my family. I was in tears when I met mom and dad :(, however the tear was not about negative sides, but rather positive :). I was like celebrity in the town, heheheh.

Although the main purpose was to visit the family, I also gave a speech at my old school that I was a student at secondary level. My intension about giving a speech there was to encourage students in the rural area. This is a good way of doing something useful for my hometown. I also donated some books for the school and also gave some gifts for the students. The old school visit was triumphant. Most of the teachers in the school used to teach me and they could certainly remember me. Some photos from the school visit can be found below :)

Right now, I'm back to the new workplace where I will be working for from now on. The first day of working at the new institute was good. Somehow it's a bit boring since I did not do anything much apart from setting up my computer and dealing with the contract. The boss was not there today. He has gone to a seminar outside of the institute. Even though it's new for me to work at this institute, however I knew all the members at the division where I work for already. So, it's not too strange to me to be here. In fact, it's fun to be with new colleagues.

I hope that my new work place will be the right place for me...my intension is that I will do the best I can, hopefully what I will be doing would contribute my country!